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Prostate cancer study in Africa

Michael Cook

6 Collaborator(s)

Funding source

National Cancer Institute (NIH)
The general goal of this study is to characterize the burden of prostate cancer in Accra, Ghana, for comparison with other population groups. The specific goals of this study are to 1) estimate the incidence of clinical prostate cancer in Accra, Ghana; 2) characterize the clinical and patholgoical characteristics of prostate cancer cases in Accra, Ghana; 3) screen patients presenting at the Korle-Bu Urology Clinic in Accra with symptoms for prostate cancer or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), using PSA tests, DRE, and biopsy as needed; 4) abstract medical charts for at least 200 biopsy-confirmed prostate cancer cases and 200 BPH cases identified at the Urology Clinic; 5) screen over 1,000 randomly selected men (with the goal of getting consent from 1,000 men) aged 50-74 from the Accra population for prostate cancer and BPH using PSA tests, digital rectal exams, and biopsy confirmation as needed; 6) compare prostate cancer risk in Accra to that of African-Americans in SEER, both before and after 1986, when prostate cancer screening entered widespread use in the U.S. The exposure pursued include genome-wide association studies, sex steroid hormone comparisons with other racial groups, TMPRSS2-ERG fusion prevalence in tumor tissue, and questionnaire-based exposures.

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