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Genomic Analysis to Gain Insights into Novel and Clinically Relevant Mol

Nikhil C Munshi

1 Collaborator(s)

Multiple Myeloma (MM) Is a complex disease driven by numerous genetic and epigenetic alterations. Our compretiensive oncogenomic analysis indicates the presence of many tightly recurrent and tightly focal amplifications/deletions in the MM genome. Indeed, integrated oncogenomic analyses of human MM have identified candidates resident within regions of amplification/deletions predicted to be involved in MM pathogenesis and progression. Using the clinical and genomic information from patient samples, our goals are to identify novel molecular lesions with clinical prognostic and therapeutic correlation. Our preliminary oncogenomic studies have confirmed our ability to perform large-scale high-throughput genomic profiling on myeloma cells from patient bone marrow (BM) samples. We hypothesize that the biological behavior and clinical outcome in MM is dependent on molecular determinants, which are also attractive therapeutic targets. In this Project we will: characterize the spectrum of genomic lesions associated with pathogenesis and progression of monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS)/Smoldering MM (SMM) to active MM (Sp Aim 1); identify genomic alterations in 1,000 newly diagnosed uniformly treated patients correlating with clinical outcome (Sp Aim 2); and determine whether mechanisms modifying transcriptome are associated with clinical outcome (Sp Aim 3). This project will provide a better understanding of the impact of copy number and gene expression alterations and their functional consequences on MM initiation and progression, as well as identify novel targets for therapeutic intervention.

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